Regulatory support and helpdesk

Need advice or an outside resource? ATOUT CHIMIE meets your regulatory and HELPDESK needs

Regulatory support can cover:

  • Compliance and regulatory audit of your product portfolio,
  • Strictly Controlled Conditions Audit (SCC) for your intermediaries
  • Analysis of exposure scenarios and eSDS
  • REACH registration exemptions file (polymer, recovery and exit from waste status, natural substance, etc.)
  • CLP: Notification to poison control centers

Helpdesk - An expert at your side everyday

Our experts provide you with a personalized and rapid response to all your issues related to REACH, CLP, SDS and relating to Biocidal products:

  • Compliance flowchart upon receipt of an extended SDS / SDS
  • Regulatory compliance of your product portfolio Strictly Controlled Conditions
  • Audit (SCC) for your intermediaries
  • Analysis of eSDS
  • Differentiation between articles and substances
  • GLP (Good Laboratory Practices)
  • Intentional release of substances from articles
  • Vegetable oils in REACH
  • Substance transformations
  • Identification and designation of substances
  • Management of Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF), and consortia
  • The different lists of the REACH and Biocide regulations
  • Flowchart of the registration process
  • Etc

In addition, we have developed a panel of advisory documents that we bring to you in order to better understand these regulations and facilitate their implementation.


ATOUT CHIMIE advises you to make the right decisions

Our experts support you to assess your regulatory situation, define your obligations and a strategy to guarantee your regulatory compliance over time.

We regularly work on the following projects :

  • Inventory of your product portfolio.
  • Identification of your obligations regarding REACH, CLP and Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).
  • Constitution and submission of a registration dossier / authorization request.
  • Support for understanding and editing safety data sheets and exposure scenarios.
  • Classification and labeling of your chemicals. Chemical risk assessment (SEIRICH)
  • Expertise of your strictly controlled conditions and the intermediate status of your substances R-nano declaration to ANSES
  • Declaration to the Anti-Poison Center via the INRS Synapse portal
  • Etc

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