Regulatory compliance audit

Review of regulatory obligations relating to substances in products

regulatory obligations

European regulations concerning chemicals are numerous and it is sometimes difficult to have an exhaustive vision of the obligations applicable to a product. There are “cross-cutting” or “parent” regulations (REACH and CLP) to which are added many other regulations, directives and standards (RoHS, Biocides, Detergents, Aerosol, Medical devices, Conflicts minerals, construction products, batteries and batteries, ...)

The obligations will mainly depend on the type of product as well as the position of the company in the supply chain (import, manufacture, distribution, etc.). This is complicated by the fact that the fields of application can be mutually exclusive or cumulative in the case of "border" products.


There are many regulatory compliance issues and their mastery represents a real asset in order to secure the marketing of products and activities using chemicals:

  • Guarantee the health of employees and consumers,
  • To preserve the environment,
  • Preserve a positive image of the company and the brand,
  • Earn the trust of customers, suppliers and shareholders,
  • Limit the risks of administrative and financial penalties,
  • Sustain and secure products on the market,


A study carried out at the end of 2020 by the authorities in charge of monitoring REACH and CLP obligations shows that around 1/4 of the products marketed in Europe are non-compliant.

Whether the company is a manufacturer, importer or distributor, it is essential to take stock of the regulations applicable to its products, to identify and to comply with regulatory obligations.

This allows the company to secure its market, to avoid sanctions in the event of control by the authorities and to gain the trust of customers.


Compliance audits are tailor-made according to the size of your portfolio, the regulations concerned and your expectations. They can take place on site or remotely.

The objectives of these audits are to:

  • Comprehensively list the European regulations applicable to products placed on the market
  • Take stock of your obligations comprehensively
  • Identify possible deviations
  • Estimate the criticality of obligations and deviations according to regulations and products in order to offer you a prioritized action plan
  • Propose solutions and improvements to ensure the conformity of your products



  • Compliance of imported products (labeling compliance according to CLP)
  • Compliance of the SDS according to the REACH regulation (annex II) and the country of use
  • Compliance of your articles (Control of SVHC substances and communication, compliance with the restrictions of Annex XVII of REACH)

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