Our team

Since its creation, ten consultants have participated in the development of a large training program to enable you to master complex regulations such as CLP, REACH, relating to biocidal products or the prevention of chemical risk.


Made up of regulatory experts, HSE, doctors in analytical chemistry, toxicology, ecotoxicology.

ATOUT CHIMIE works with expert partners to provide you with integrated support on the most technical aspects:

  • Legal (contracts, cost sharing, data)
  • Prediction, modeling (Structure and activity relationship of QSAR substances, expology)
  • Experimentation (analytical, efficiency, physico / chemistry, (eco) toxicology)


ATOUT CHIMIE works on a daily basis to be recognized by its customers as an essential reference in the implementation of REACH, CLP & biocides regulations. We also work on various health and safety issues at work.


our skills: advice and training

  • REACH, CLP and biocides regulations.
  • Support for the registration and management of SIEF.
  • IUCLID 6 for biocides and REACH.
  • Identification of substances.
  • Classification of mixtures.
  • Writing, translation and audit of extended SDS / SDS.


 We can adapt our courses in English for you


Do not hesitate to contact us for a service tailored to your needs.

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Philippe Prudhon

  • Doctorate in chemistry-physics, positions in R & D / production / logistics, on high-threshold Seveso industrial sites
  • Positions of site director and industrial director
  • Director of Technical Affairs at France Chimie and GICPER

Thomas Léopold

  • Pharm. D, Toxicologist
  • Head of ATOUT CHIMIE, project manager and trainer, toxicologist
  • REACH / CLP / Biocides / ERA, and “cocktail effects” expert

Jérémy Delvigne

  • Health, Safety and Environment Engineer (HSE)
  • Project manager and trainer
  • REACH / FDS / CLP / SCIP and SVHC tracking / PCN


  • Pharm. D, Toxicologist
  • Project manager, toxicologist expert

Fanny Perrier

  • Ecotoxicologist
  • Project manager and trainer, expert ecotoxicologist
  • REACH / Biocides / ERA and nanomaterials expert